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Farm & Ranch
Estate & Succession Planning

With the average age of on farm and ranch operators steadily rising, but only 9.1% of farm and ranch operations (2012 Census of Agriculture) encompassing more than one generation, the need for estate planning for farmers and ranchers is steadily increasing.  Farm and ranch estate planning is not a simple “split the pie,” if you want to ensure the viability of your operation to the next generation. Our attorneys understand the legal, economic, and social considerations needed not only for the transfer of the farm and ranch, but also the succession of that farm and ranch to the next generation.  Planning may include insurance, buy-sell, organization of entities, income for retiring generations, segregation of daily, financial, marketing and production decision-making, and goal setting. 

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Water Rights
If you are buying or selling farm or ranch property, or any rural property, or perhaps you are a realtor looking to assist your client in the purchase or sale involving water rights, Keller Law can assist in due diligence on the same for buyers or sellers of rural properties. We provide services ranging from comprehensive and detailed research for water rights associated with a property to more basic services such preparation of deeds and related transfer documents of the water rights as part of sale. Additionally, if your farm or ranch is in need of assistance for filing on new or historical water rights for your ranch headquarters, livestock ponds, or irrigation rights, Keller Law can assist in navigating the State of Colorado Water Courts or the State Engineer’s office.  

Real Estate

Need assistance on a listing agreement or contract for sale of a farm and ranch property, or do you help with due diligence when purchasing a farm and ranch property?  Attorneys are available to help realtors, sellers, or buyers of farm and ranch property.  The purchase or sale of rural real estate carries with it issues distinct from urban sales or purchases, be sure you retain an attorney that can assist with questions you may have on conservation easements, access and easement issues, water rights, oil, gas, and minerals rights, or anything that you may encounter with the sale or purchase of rural real estate.