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Scam Alert

There is currently a scam going around targeting Colorado Businesses and the Periodic Report that is required to be filed with the Colorado Secretary of State each year. The scam involves deceptive mail requesting payment for entity renewal with the Colorado Secretary of State via a form entitled “2019 – Period Report Instruction Form (Colorado LLCs)”. This form does not list the specific entity name nor address information, but it looks very official. Be aware of the following language on these letters:

“…… is not a government agency and does not have a contract with any governmental agency to provide this service.” In addition, the form will ask the recipient to enclose a check for $95 dollars to renew with the Colorado Secretary of State. This is an incorrect filing fee and will not renew your business with the Secretary of State.

For those of you who are the registered agent of your business and/or file your own annual reports, we encourage you to go directly to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website to confirm the status of your entity and to file any renewals and other necessary forms with the official agency.

For those of you who have chosen to have Keller Law LLC to act as the agent and/or file these reports on your behalf, please note that no action is required on your part as these filings are being handled by Keller Law LLC. Furthermore, all Keller Law payment requests will be through an invoice with your personal information and not a form as the scammers are utilizing at this time. Additionally, contact our office directly at 877-529-2125 should you have questions regarding anything related to renewal of your entity with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Mail Scam Alert